Wood root for dogs enriched with natural olive oil. Size XL

New product

100% Natural dog chew

• Long lasting

• Low in fat

• Fun & healthy !

• additives or preservatives


Ingredients: 100% natural Wood root

Extra large Aprox. 751g – 1000g

Natural chew toy for dogs. This product is not a food. It should never be used as a substitute for a healthy, balanced diet. The long lasting and natural tooth brush. Always supervise your dog when.

Important: as with all dog chews, take it away if it becomes small enough to swallow.


Ash: 1,06%;Protein: 1,18%;Moisture: 13%;Fibre: 66,67 %;Fat: 0,11%;Sodium: 262ppm;Potassium: 825ppm;Calcium: 348ppm;Phosphorous: 133ppm;Magnesium: 136ppm;Iron: 885ppm

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